FestEquip specializes in the sale of festival comfort products such as Drinking Water Trailers and Carts and is the supplier to Quench Buggy and over 35 municipal governments.

From local municipalities, to event organizers – the benefits of purchasing a premium drinking water trailer or cart are far reaching – from promoting the advantages of tap water, to the reduction in bottled water use. Buying a Drinking Water Trailer or Cart for your special event needs is a logical decision with savings both environmentally and monetarily.

Purchase a trailer to promote your tap water or to have ready in case of an emergency

Service Providers
Purchase the Drinking Water station and run as a stand alone business.

Business Owners
Extend your current product offerings by adding drinking water units to your inventory.
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300 US Gallon Fresh Water Tank
8 Bottle Fillers
8 Drinking Fountains


36″ Wide x 92″ Long x60″ High
4 Bottle Filler
4 Drinking Fountains


325 US Gallon Poly Tank
UV & Charcoal Filter


Lockable Industrial Castors
Accessible Design


“Working with Quench Buggy was a great experience

Working with Quench Buggy was a great experience both pre-festival and on site. Darryl effectively communicated all of their needs and was in constant communication with our operations team to ensure the stations were running smoothly throughout the weekend. We look forward to working with Darryl and the Quench Buggy team in the future!


Louisville, KY

“…has been a great success in our community

The Guelph Water Wagon, constructed by Quench Buggy, has been a great success in our community. Darryl was a great help, building a Quench Buggy to meet the needs of our events. We look forward to using the Guelph Water Wagon year after year.

Heather Yates


Water Conservation Program

Guelph, ON

“…a great way to promote municipal tap water

Our Hydration Station was used very frequently throughout the summer, nearly every weekend! There has been a lot of positive feedback and excitement about it.


City of Windsor

Windsor, ON


Where are your products available?
Our Drinking Water trailers and carts are available anywhere in the world and are built in Ontario, Canada

Do any of your trailers have on board water storage?
Our Drinking Water trailer has a 300 gallon tank available

What materials do you use?
All FestEquip units are made primarily out of Stainless Steel and galvanized steel.

What options are available on the units?
Everything from custom paint, graphics, chillers, filtration, solar power, faucet and fountain layouts and many more

Can you customize units?
Yes we can custom build units to suit your needs, just contact us today to find out more

What do the units weigh?
The Drinking Water Kiosk weighs 600 lbs and the Drinking Water Trailer weighs 7000 lbs full

How many units have you built?
We have over 60 units in service with every sector from Construction and Military to Festivals and Events.

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